Our Services

Occupational Medical Services realizes that a healthy employee is the most productive employee. Our occupational and industrial medicine programs help businesses and employees avoid workplace-related injuries or health-related issues. We enable frequent and timely communication with employers, insurers and TPAs

Occupational Medical Services provides several, outstanding medical services using the best technology.

  • Injury management.
  • Immunizations.
  • Physical examinations.
  • Drug & alcohol testing.
  • Corporate wellness.
  • Onsite health services.
  • Immunizations diagnostic & screening services.
  • DNA testing
  • Specialty services.
  • DOT Physicals

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Occupational Medical Services offers services which can reduce worker health compensation expenses, decrease worker’s off days due to health reasons, and increase productivity.

Our individualized services are tailored and customized for your business. We enable an environment such that you can totally focus on your core work. Our staff will work with you to manage health-related risk factors.