Creating a Culture of Safety and Wellness at Work

Your Employees’ Welfare Is Our Priority

Creating a Culture of Safety and Wellness at Work

Your Employees’ Welfare Is Our Priority

The Experts in Occupational Healthcare

Ensure your workforce’s health and safety while they’re on the job. At OMS in Maryland and surrounding areas, we offer injury/disease treatment and more to improve your employee productivity.

Areas We Serve

By providing the highest quality of occupational healthcare, we serve a growing number of satisfied clients in Maryland and surrounding states.

Occupational Medical Services

On-Site Evaluations and Workplace Surveys

Our top management employs a hands-on approach to thoroughly understand your employees’ job functions.

Occupational Medical Services

Save Costs and Time

Let’s discuss your business’s requirements and recommendations mandated and advised by numerous regulatory agencies. Our goal is to reduce the money and effort you spend on having everything arranged. With the help of our occupational health consultants, you can make the best decisions for you and your employees.

Occupational Medical Services

A Reputable Team

We’re an MBE-certified company utilizing the industry’s latest technologies. Aside from this, each of our physicians has a specialization in occupational medicine.

Occupational Medical Services


We offer affordable programs customized to the healthcare needs of your employees. Our professional and friendly staff will provide transparency to any questions you have about our services.

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Workplace Injuries

Physical Exams

Drug Testing


What People Say About Us

Debbie Krouse

Claims Manager
P&O Ports Baltimore, Inc.

"The professionalism and availability of medical personnel has built an excellent relationship for employer-provider communications. As a self-insured employer at the Port of Baltimore, we value such relationships with a facility that provides appropriate medical care to injured workers and shares in our philosophies regarding the return to work.

Occupational Medical Services played a significant role implementing the on-site testing for drug and alcohol abuse with the entire Port of Baltimore. I attribute the success to the dedicated persistent staff at Occupational Medical Services."

Laura Hall

Safety Director
Cowan Systems, LLC.

"As Safety Director for Cowan Systems, I have been working with Joyce Hahn and Occupational Medical Services for over 10 years. Our company is mandated by Federal guidelines for our driver's physicals and substance testing. OMS has performed hundreds of tests for our company and they have never been found to be non-compliant with the Federal regulations. Their medical staff is very well educated regarding the Department of Transportation's requirements. In addition to the above, OMS handles the treatment of our drivers for workers compensation injuries. In all cases, we have never had a driver mistreated or misdiagnosed. They are always working towards the best medical treatment for our employees to heal and get back to work. There have been other situations where I can pick up the phone and ask for directions with medical documents and prescription medications as it relates to our drivers and any effects on their driving. Everyone at OMS from the administration to the medical staff is courteous, compassionate, and professional and they treat everyone from executives to drivers at our company the same."

Tricia Lull

Cambridge Iron & Metal Co.

"I believe that just as we did, you will find that Occupational Medical Services is the best choice for a corporate medical facility based on the service, communication, and genuine concern for employees."

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For additional information, please give us a phone call. We cannot wait to work with you!

Get in Touch Today

For additional information, please give us a phone call. We cannot wait to work with you!