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At Occupational Medical Services, we work on the maintenance of the health of the employees at the workplace, including treatment of injuries and disease, in order to improve employee productivity.

We offer employer-focused, high quality, cost-efficient programs to meet the healthcare needs of your business. Our top-management believes in a hands-on approach to understanding of your employee’s job functions, by way of onsite evaluations and workplace surveys.

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Occupational Medical Services Provides an Array of Services

  • Occupational Medical Services

    Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Occupational Medical Services

    Physical Examinations

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    DOT Physicals

  • Workers’ Compensation Injury Care

  • Occupational Medical Services

    Random Pull & Consortium

Occupational Medical Services

Save Your Cost & Time

Each industry has very specific requirements and recommendations that are mandated and advised by numerous regulatory agencies. As a business owner, getting things in order takes too much time and effort. It is best for you to discuss the specific details of your industry and organization directly with one of our occupational health consultants who can make the best things happen for you and your employees.

Your employees are your most valuable asset, keep them healthy and safe.

Occupational Medical Services
It is our commitment to offer you

comprehensive services using the latest technologies.

Occupational Medical Services
All our physicians have specialization

in occupational medicine.