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Drug & Alcohol Testing Physical Examinations
Workers’ Compensation Billing & Payment
Random Pull & Consortium  
What is the process for drug screen collection and how long will it take for me to get the drug screen result?

The short answer is 24-48 hours from lab receipt for negatives and possibly longer for positives.  Although this process is extremely detailed and regulated, we would like to offer a brief overview as follows:

Specimens can be collected in our office or at an on-site location as requested by the employer.  The specimen is then transported to a certified laboratory where it is tested for the drugs of abuse requested by the employer.  Specimens are picked up in the afternoon, on a daily basis. 

After the laboratory runs their analysis and confirmation(s), results are then transmitted to OMS via secure communication, and confirmed negative results are then reported to the Designated Employer Representative of the company.  Laboratory-confirmed positive results must go through the state/federal mandated Medical Review process before results can be released to the employer.  Please see the section below on positive test results for more detailed information regarding the Medical Review process.

  What is the difference between a NIDA and a Non-NIDA Drug Screen?

A NIDA Drug Screen is regulated by the Federal Government, and is applicable to individuals who will be performing certain safety sensitive functions as described in 49 CFR Part 40.  For a listing of requirements, and to find out if your company should be doing NIDA testing, please see 49 CFR Part 40 or contact an Occupational Health Consultant today!

  By law, DOT drug screens may only include testing for certain drugs (known as the “NIDA 5”).   Non-DOT drug screens may include this basic panel of drugs, or may be expanded to include other common drugs of abuse.  Please see the “What drugs will OMS test for?”section below for a more detailed explanation of the standard testing panels offered by OMS.
  What drugs will OMS test for?

Our laboratory is able to test for many controlled/illegal substances; however there are several standard panels that we offer.

DOT Regulated Drug Screens include testing for Marijuana, Cocaine, Phencyclidine (PCP), Amphetamines and Opiates (excluding methadone).

OMS offers a wide variety of testing for Non-DOT Drug Screens. 
Standard 5-Panel: Marijuana, Cocaine, Phencyclidine (PCP), Amphetamines and Opiates
Standard 7-Panel: add Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines to Panel 5
Standard 9-Panel: add Propoxyphene and Methadone to Panel 7
Standard 10-Panel: add Methaqualone (Quaaludes), or Ecstasy (MDMA) to Panel 9. Ecstasy upon request only.
Please note that the standard Opiate panel does NOT include Methadone or synthetic opiates (such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Tylox, etc.).  Methadone is included in the standard 9- and 10-Panel screens, and testing for other synthetic opiates (called an Expanded Opiate Panel) may be requested at an additional lab fee.

  How long does each drug stay in the human system?

Drug detection times vary widely according to the type of specimen collected.  Please see the CRL Pamphlet titled “The 10 Most Common Drugs of Abuse” for some of the most common drug detection times.  Please note that all time frames are approximate, and that detection times will vary based on the donor’s metabolism, body type, diet and other physiological factors.

  Why does OMS require a written DER form?

Drug screen results are considered to be privileged information, and will only be released to certain individuals designated by the company to receive these results.  In order for the proper person to receive results, and to ensure your employees’ privacy, we request that any changes in reporting protocols be made in writing.

Designated Employer Representative Form (DER)

  What happens if the test is positive?

In the event of a laboratory-confirmed positive result, the donor will be contacted personally by our certified, Medical Review Officer, in an attempt to gather any information that may explain the positive test result. 

In the case that the donor has a valid explanation for a positive result (i.e. a prescription or medical condition), the test will be reported to the employer as a negative result.  If the donor cannot offer a valid medical reason for the test results, the results are reported to the employer as positive.  This process can take from a couple of days up to as long as a week, depending on the specific test result, information needed, and donor communication.  The specific process of Medical Review is highly regulated and every precaution is afforded as to protect the employer and employee simultaneously.

Please be aware that, in order to protect the confidential health information of your employees, laboratory-confirmed positive results cannot be reported until the medical review process has been completed.

Since each industry has very specific requirements and/or recommendations that are mandated/ advised by numerous agencies, it is best for you to discuss the specific details of your industry and organization directly with one of our Occupational Health Consultants.  Please see the regulatory agencies link page for self-education.
Where can I find information on OSHA Recordable injury and illness treatment?
  Please see the OSHA Publication: “A Brief Guide to Recordkeeping Requirement for Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
  What happens if an employee’s injury requires treatment by a specialist?

If an employee’s injury requires treatment by a specialist (such as an orthopedic surgeon), the treating provider will make a referral to that particular specialist.  This referral must then go through an approval process where it is reviewed by your Workers’ Compensation insurance adjustor.  After the request is approved by the adjustor, OMS will then contact a specialist in the field and attempt to arrange an appointment for your employee.
In general, the approval process takes several days from the time the adjustor receives the referral request.  However, this time frame can vary based on adjustor workload and complexity of the case.
It is important to note that while OMS accepts payment from employers for Workers’ Compensation cases, many specialists are only able to bill your insurance company. 

Prompt filing of claims with your insurance carrier will help expedite the referral process.

How are the names chosen for the random pull?
  Names are chosen by a scientifically valid random number generator, using employees’ names and social security numbers (or other unique identifying number), as defined by DOT regulations in 49 CFR §382.305(i) (1). Detailed information regarding the specific program utilized is available upon request.
  What do I do if an employee that is chosen is no longer with the company?

For individual company random selections, we are able to provide alternate names (or re-pulls) if selected individuals are no longer with your company.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the selection program, we are not able to offer re-pulls for employers enrolled in the Consortium program.  We ask that employee update lists be sent to our office in advance of each scheduled pull in order to minimize the number of re-pulls/un-tested individuals in each selection period.  Monthly pulls are done on the first business day of each month, and quarterly pulls are done on the first business day of January, April, July and October.

Click here for an Employee Update Form

  How long do employers/employees have to get the testing completed?

For DOT regulated testing, the screen must be completed within the quarter during which the employee was chosen.  As an employer, you many send your employees in at any time during their regular working hours, provided they are performing, are about to perform, or have just finished performing safety-sensitive duties.  However, selected employees must proceed to the testing site IMMEDIATELY after notification from the employer.  Owner-Operators and self-employed individuals in the Consortium must proceed to a collection site immediately upon receipt of notification from OMS that they have been selected for testing.

Regulations can be found in 49 CFR §382.305(i) (3).

  Why is it possible for my company to have the same driver(s) chosen several quarters in a row?
  According to 49 CFR §382.305(i) (2), “each driver selected for random alcohol and controlled substances testing under the selection process used shall have an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made.”  In order to remain in compliance with DOT regulations, the random number generator used by OMS effectively “re-sets” each time a selection is made, allowing for the possibility that some drivers may be chosen several quarters in a row, while others are not chosen at all.
What are the payment terms for workers’ compensation claims?

If your company has elected to have all claims billed to your insurance carrier:

  • You must file a First Report of Injury with your insurance carrier and contact our Accounts Receivable Department immediately with the claim number and necessary carrier contacts.
  • If your insurer has denied any workers’ compensation visit, you must notify us immediately.  Any patient treated, but whose claim is denied as a workers’ compensation claim will automatically become the payment responsibility of your company and follow the same terms and conditions listed herein.
  • If your company chooses to change workers’ compensation carriers, you must contact us immediately with the carrier’s name, address, phone, fax, policy number and effective date.

If you are requesting to have all claims billed to your company:

  • Services rendered are billed daily and due upon receipt.
  • Any unpaid workers’ compensation bill over 60 days old becomes a collection account and any unpaid over 90 may result in the suspension of all services provided by Occupational Medical Services.
  • If, after review, you decide to forward this claim to your insurance carrier, you must file a First Report of Injury with them and contact our Accounts Receivable Department immediately with the claim number.
  What are the payment terms for professional services?

The following are our terms for payment on our professional services (non injury).

  • All services are billed monthly and due upon receipt.
  • Invoices not paid within 30 days are considered overdue and are subject to our standard finance charge.
  • Any unpaid invoice 90 days overdue may result in suspension of all your services with Occupational Medical Services.
  • Any disputed billings not related to workers’ compensation should be paid, net of the disputed amount, following our standard terms with an attached written explanation outlining your dispute with the original invoice.  Please include a contact name and telephone number.
  • Invoices billed to other entities for services rendered to your employees, such as substance abuse services, will have the same terms and conditions described above.  We will enlist your assistance in collecting unpaid invoices prior to any suspension of your services with OMS.
  • Original invoices are mailed monthly. Statements are sent out on the 15th of each month.
  What methods of payment do you accept?

In Clinic, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Company Checks, Money Orders and Cash. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks. 

Via Telephone we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Through mail we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Company Checks, and Money Orders.  Please do not send cash in the mail.

  What is your Tax Identification Number?
  Occupational Medical Services Belcamp TIN: 87-0714204
Occupational Medical Services Canton TIN: 47-0916374
Occupational Medical Services Arbutus TIN: 47-0916374
Occupational Medical Services Rosedale TIN: 20-5376527
Occupational Medical Services Greenbelt TIN: 20-5375115
  Request a W-9 by emailing the AR Department

Where should I mail the check?


Please make checks payable to: “Occupational Medical Services” and remit to “4807 Benson Avenue, Beltway Corporate Center, Baltimore, MD 21227.”

Please always include remit advice with your payment.  You may choose to use the invoice number provided, patient account/case number or name for workers’ compensation bills.  As always feel free to contact the Accounts Receivable Department at (443) 524-2737 for any questions you many have.

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