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Drug & Alcohol Testing:
OMS offers a substance abuse testing menu that includes:
  Certified Medical Review Services
  Breath Alcohol Testing – DOT
  Breath Alcohol Testing – Non-DOT
  Positive Breath Alcohol Testing Sobriety Examinations
  Blood Testing – Drug (Non-DOT)
  Hair Testing – Drug
  Urine Testing – DOT Drug (Post Offer, Random, Suspicion, Post-Accident, Return to Duty)
  Urine Testing – Non-DOT Drug/Alcohol
  Instant/Rapid Urine Testing – (Post Offer only in the state of Maryland), (Contact the State of Maryland DHMH at 1-877-4MD-DHMH for EDT Registration)
  Random Pull and Consortium Programs
  HHS Certified Laboratory Utilization
  “Collection Only” (Your MRO/Lab) for all services listed above
Certified Medical Review Officer on Staff
  DOT Certified Urine Drug Screen Collectors 
  DOT Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians
Medical Review Officer Services
Our Certified MRO is knowledgeable in substance abuse disorders, in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs. The primary responsibility of the MRO is to review and interpret positive test results for an employer’s DOT or Non-DOT drug testing program, in accordance with applicable regulations. Since a positive test result does not automatically identify an employee/applicant as an illegal drug user, the MRO must assess and determine whether alternate medical explanations (prescription drugs, etc.) could account for the positive test result. 
  Resources: DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance, Medical Review Officer-General Information ~ Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC) ~ American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO)
Random Pull & Consortium Services: OMS knows that an essential element of any workplace substance abuse program is random testing.  We offer random pull and consortium programs to satisfy regulatory compliance for DOT or any Non-DOT workplace substance abuse program.
  DOT Mandated Consortium Services
  Customized Non-DOT Pull Frequencies (Quarterly, Monthly, As Requested)
  DOT Compliant Enrollment Notification and Regulatory Reporting
  Resources: Employee Selection Update Form, Random Pull/Consortium Enrollment Form
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